Kitty Coy

About Kitty Coy

My name is Kitty Coy and I created You be You, a Health and Wellness Coaching company! I started You be You to provide support and guidance to people who are looking to optimize their health or who are struggling to reach their health goals. Over my lifetime, people and the media have told me that I need to look a certain way and I am sick of it. My goal is to help people that don’t fit into the standard fitness mold. People who don’t want to go to the gym because they can’t stand the meat heads. People who might be intimidated by super ripped personal trainers or health coaches. Working towards your health goals can be tough on your own, which is why I support you every step on the way! Because I want everyone to know how easy it is to improve their health and live the best life possible!

I’ve been a nerd my entire life. I have been fascinated by the human body since I was young. I graduated from CU Boulder with bachelor’s degrees in Integrative Physiology and Psychology with a minor in Neuroscience. It doesn’t get much nerdier than that. After college I worked as a researcher doing drug development testing for the FDA and worked in a hospital to bring cutting edge research procedures to people who needed them. My passion for nutrition and physiology has inspired me to be a health and wellness nerd — I’ve spent thousands of hours doing research into health and wellness topics and countless hours practicing and implementing the techniques I’ve learned.

I am deeply passionate about cooking delicious food and helping people! I am a Colorado native and enjoy camping. I love all types of games, especially board games and card strategy games. My hobbies are crafting tiny hats, making jewelry, and cooking. I LOVE art and am active in the local Burning Man community. I like building art cars and created an art car called the Octopussy, a gigantic cat head with octopus tentacles mounted on a Geo Metro! I also run the Colorado Art Car Collective, a group of artists that support each other in the creation of art cars.

My Story

I created You be You to support people on their health journey because of how much I have struggled in my own health journey and the success I found in the system I’ve created.

After college, I got a leg serious injury which caused me to be immobile and prevented me from working out for over a year. I gained over 50 pounds. After I recovered, I tried numerous diets with limited success. I went to multiple doctors and nutritionists, none of which had any advice for me because I was already doing everything they recommend. I was exercising and eating a very healthy diet, but still could not manage to lose weight. They all just told me to cut more calories and work out more, so under their advice, I maintained a diet of 1200 calories per day and was working out 5-8 hours every week.

But after a year of struggling to maintain this difficult lifestyle, I still wasn’t losing weight. As a scientist, I turned to research to figure out what I could do. Through my research, I found out that my problem was that I had put my body into a starvation mode, because losing weight is not as simple as calories in and calories out as the doctors and nutritionists had said! This research turned into a passion for me, so now I’m a health and wellness coach to provide support and guidance to people who want to improve their health!

After an extensive amount of research, I finally created a system that made it easy to add exercise and good nutrition in my everyday life. Using this system, I lost 20 pounds in the first 10 weeks! I have continued to lose weight and it’s been easy to keep off, even with my extremely busy lifestyle. I’m still on this health journey and I have gained so much benefit from it, it’s been overwhelming! So I shared it with my friends and family and it worked incredibly well for them too – my husband, lost 20 pounds, my friends and family lost an average of 10-20 pounds and everyone has been able to keep it off easily. This inspired me to share this information and help other people! Because you too can improve your health with a small amount of time each day, much less than you think.