Kitty Coy

Kitty Coy is a renowned mental fitness coach, speaker, and lifestyle mentor who has dedicated her life to helping people achieve their full potential. With a degree in Integrated Physiology, Psychology, and Neuroscience from The University of Colorado, Boulder, Kitty is a highly qualified professional who has worked as a Behavioral Neurophysiologist and researcher for over a decade. Her research has been published in nine leading neuroscience journals, and she has become an expert in neurofeedback, mindset, and meditation mastery.

In addition to her scientific background, Kitty is also an imaginative and dynamic creator, who celebrates community and free expression through her involvement with the Colorado Art Car Collective, Whomp Truck, and Burning Man. By combining time-tested and developing modalities with her unique style, Kitty brings energy, stress reduction, motivation, and vitality to men and women nationwide through her coaching and programs.

For heart-centered leaders and self-starters looking to make their impact on the world, Kitty Coy offers the keys to vitality and redefines what it means to be alive. With her help, clients learn how to tap into their inner radiance, vitality, and vision, and discover their own agency, realize success on their own terms, and connect to the community in which they belong.

Live vibrantly with Kitty Coy and unlock your full potential today!

You be You Mission

Nourishing and supportive relationships empower us to thrive in every aspects of our lives. Our mission is to support ambitious female entrepreneurs to create (or repair) relationships where they feel seen, heard, and supported.

You Be You Origin Story

I created You Be You Coaching company to provide support and guidance to people who are looking to optimize their mental fitness or who are struggling to reach their vision and life goals.

I was inspired to create You Be You to support people because of how much I have struggled in my own mental fitness journey and the success I found in the system I created. I named my company You Be You because I want you to be the best version of you possible!

After college, I was in an accident that created a serious leg injury which caused me to be immobile for 14 months. I went from being very active to totally sedentary and depressed. Doctors were not able to help and I felt totally disempowered. Thankfully I was introduced to meditation, which was a deeply transformational experience! I realized that I had been giving my power away to medical professionals, but I had the power to heal myself. As a scientist, I turned to research to figure out what I could do. Through my research, I found out valuable information that helped me create simple shifts in life that yielded incredible results! With consistent and intentional application, I completely transformed my life in a short period of time. Everyone around me noticed and asked me what I was doing. It was immediately clear that coaching was my true passion in life! After a year of coaching people for free in my spare time, I took the leap to leave the comfort of my 9 to 5 job and start my own business. I combine my neuroscience background with multiple different modalities of coaching to create mental fitness coaching. I help people create a vision for their lives, provide tools and accountability to get them into inspired action, and help them release the resistance (fear, self-doubt, procrastination, etc) that comes up along the way.

Through my extensive research, I created a system that made it implement habits and create sustainable life changes, which is easy to maintain, even with my extremely busy lifestyle. My journey inspired me to share this information and I am passionate about educating and helping people! Because you too can improve your life with a small amount of time each day, much less than you think!

What I learned in the process of coaching is that your mindset is the number one element in your success! There is a strong mental component involved in successfully shifting your habits to improve your life. As time has gone on, I have incorporated my neuroscience background more and more to support people in getting the results they desire! Now I focus on mental fitness – keeping your brain healthy and your mind sharp! My specialty is helping people to reduce their stress, improve their energy and shift their mindset so they can increase their impact and success! Working towards your goals can be tough on your own, which is why I support people every step on the way! I want everyone to live vibrantly and wake up everyday ready to take on the world!