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You are an amazing, radiant human being! Are you ready to start living the vibrant life of your dreams? Rewire your brain and shift your mindset to reduce your stress and increase your energy so you wake up everyday ready to take on the world!
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To provide coaching, tools, accountability to heart-centered leaders
that helps them reduce their stress and increase their energy so that they can
improve their impact, success, and satisfaction with life.

Mental Fitness Coaching

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Private Health Coaching

Get 1-on-1 customized coaching to help you achieve your health goals, whether that’s reducing stress, increasing energy, optimizing nutrition, building resilience or creating healthy habits.

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Meditation Coaching

Find peace of mind while you start or deepen your practice!

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About Kitty Coy

Kitty Coy is an incredible health coach! Learn about Kitty and the origin of You be You Health & Wellness Coaching.

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Reviews Customer Testimonials
  • Kitty is passionate and energetic about helping people with their health goals. She has a lot of knowledge and is so willing to share it. This program is great for anyone but really helped me bring it back to basic necessities for what my body needs and craves. The 30 day jumpstart helped ground me out and get me back into routine which is so important. I noticed a lot of changes in myself. I felt stronger, skin cleared up a lot, didn’t feel as bloated all the time, had more energy that was sustained throughout my day. Kitty has great ideas for meal prep and all sorts of yummy recipes she provides to help give you guidance. Thanks for all you do Kitty! 💜🤩

  • Kitty’s 30 Day Jumpstart to Healthy Habits is amazing! Doing this program really helped me to create healthy habits that have actually stuck around. I am officially in the “always carrying a waterbottle” club, started eating breakfast, and am much more aware of how much physical activity I’m getting each day. It feels great! I like that this program has made me evaluate lots of different “habits” in my life that I do unconsciously, and it’s helped me to be more intentional with my time and energy. Kitty also has some game-changing tips on preparing healthy breakfasts quickly and is an excellent motivator!

  • Kitty is very helpful and goes above and beyond to help you understand the why and the how behind wellness and diet. Her ideas are practical and easy to implement.

  • Kitty is an amazing wellness coach with an immense knowledge of nutrition and creative ways to help her clients reach their goals in a personalized way. I’ve lost 8 pounds already and have changed many routines in my life with her support, education, and enthusiasm to be here for me each step of the way. My mind, body, and soul are thanking me for taking this journey with YouBeYou and Kitty’s guidance. Thank you Kitty

  • Kitty is a great wellness coach! She really helped me get into the habit of planning healthy meals and incorporating more nutrition and protein into my day. It helped me stay energized and full throughout my day! In addition, she is so knowledgeable and always willing to share research and give recommendations. She is super encouraging along the whole way!