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I believe in the power of the mind and its ability to expand and grow to help you achieve your best possible life. I believe in personal empowerment and that we can all step into our fullest potential. I believe that YOU have what it takes to change your life. And I am here to help!
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Nourishing and supportive relationships empower us to thrive in every aspects of our lives. Our mission is to support ambitious female entrepreneurs to create (or repair) relationships where they feel seen, heard, and supported.

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  • I have been enrolled in the Empowered Living Monthly Membership for a while now and attending the sessions over zoom has helped me create my vision and to start living my true choices!

    Kelly B
  • I am currently in Kitty’s Empowered Living Membership and have done several of her other offerings. She has opened my life up to so much awareness! Kitty’s ability to touch upon the super conscious is incredible! I emphatically recommend! I am living more joyful life! Thank you Kitty.

  • I absolutely love working with Kitty – it has been incredibly freeing… and she is so passionate about what she does – and even more passionate about getting you where you want to be – I highly recommend Kitty and utilizing her EVOX program!

  • I’ve been working with Kitty for over a year now with Evox sessions and also her ELM program. Kitty is such a positive person bringing her passion, focus, and light into every session. Through her guidance and direction in each session, I’ve been able to shift my limiting beliefs and work on healing trauma. I highly recommend Kitty and utilizing her EVOX program!

  • Kitty’s coaching is amazing! Doing this program really helped me to create  habits that have actually stuck around. I like that this program has made me evaluate lots of different “habits” in my life that I do unconsciously, and it’s helped me to be more intentional with my time and energy. Kitty also has some game-changing tips and is an excellent motivator!

  • Kitty is very helpful and goes above and beyond to help you understand the why and the how. Her ideas are practical and easy to implement.

  • Kitty is an amazing coach with an immense knowledge of creative ways to help her clients reach their goals in a personalized way. I’ve changed many routines in my life with her support, education, and enthusiasm to be here for me each step of the way. My mind, body, and soul are thanking me for taking this journey with YouBeYou and Kitty’s guidance. Thank you Kitty!

  • Kitty is a great coach! She is so knowledgeable and always willing to share research and give recommendations. She is super encouraging along the whole way!

  • Kitty offers wonderful services that are truly helpful. The EVOX Money Mindset package has been incredible and it works! The feedback and recommendations I received were specific and helpful. I can’t wait to do more work with her in the future.