The Words You Say Matter!

Your internal monolog or the “voice inside your head” plays an important role in it can help you recognize how you see yourself and become aware of the thoughts that you have. A positive internal monolog is beneficial as it can help to decrease stress and relieve anxiety and depression. Your internal monolog is also […]

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You Are Whatever You Think!

You are whatever you think! There is some really fascinating research showing that you are whatever you think you are, which is why it’s so important to visualize yourself as successful! Your words and thoughts can limit or empower your entire life! A growing amount of psychology research has shown that you are whatever you […]

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Body language speaks louder than words!

Body language says a lot about how you feel in a certain situation and tells others a lot about what you are thinking! Body language is controlled subconsciously without us even realizing that we are saying a lot. And because your body language is not conscious, you can be showing different emotions than you intend […]

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