10 Tools for Successful Home Workouts

You’ll be much more successful with your home workouts if you have the right tools! Here’s a list of the 10 best tools and habits to have successful workouts.

1) Planned & scheduled workout – Do your research to plan your workout! Watch youtube videos, get a workout DVD, or do research to find out workouts online. By planning and knowing more about your workout techniques, you’ll prevent injury. Scheduling your workouts is key to making sure you actually do them!

2) Warm up and cool down routines – these are critical for preparing your muscles for exercise or working blood and lactic acid out of your muscles.

3) Mat – plyometrics are best, but yoga mats are great too!
Shoes – basketball, tennis, and trail running shoes are all great because they offer forward and lateral support. Replace your shoes every 300-500 miles.

4) Music – music is a great motivator when you’re working out. Pick music that has a fast tempo is best. Drum and bass is excellent for cardio workouts.

5) Water bottle – carry a water bottle around your house. Having a water bottle on hand keeps you from being dehydrated.

6) Shower – taking a hot shower after working out is excellent for getting your blood flowing and helps with muscle recovery.

7) Resistance bands – these are excellent for increasing resistance as exercises get easier. They’re a space effective addition to your home gym!

8) Jump rope – Jumping rope is an incredibly aerobic exercise and a great way to get your cardio in!

9) Adjustable weight set – this is optional, but if you’re serious about working out, getting a set of weights is a GREAT investment.

10) Bosu balance trainer – this is optional, but it’s my FAVORITE piece of gym equipment. It’s a stability ball on one side and flat on the other side, both these sides are incredibly helpful at increasing the intensity of your workouts! Bosu “balls” improves strength, balance, flexibility, sharpens your reflexes, and reshapes your body. Doing strength training on a bosu ball causes you to engage your core and utilize many additional muscles. There are dozens of exercises you can do on it and it greatly improves workout versatility to ensure your exercise if fun and not boring!!!