Words are POWERFUL! Use them to maximize your mindset!

Did you know that you can maximize your mindset to improve your health?

Your mindset is created by the words you’re using. These are the words you say to yourself and out loud. Your thoughts are just words in your head, so what you say to yourself internally is just as important if not more than what you say externally!!! 

Your words are powerful!

Did you know that you can affect your body’s physiological reactions with your words? This means your words can increase or decrease the health in your life. I learned this first hand 14 years ago. I injured my ankle but because it was a soft tissue injury that was non-surgical, there was no clear path to healing it. Doctors basically put me in a cast and said “good luck.” Because of that uncertainty in my prognosis, I started to think the worst – “What if it never heals?” 

I spent 14 month in a cast, boot, or brace because my fear and negative mindset communicated messages from my brain to my ankle that literally stopped the healing process. The words I was using and thoughts I was thinking about my injury literally stopped the blood flow to that leg. Thankfully through divine intervention, someone helped me identify that this was not a physical issue but a mindset issue. They gave me exercises and I magically started healing again.

Let me repeat that again – I literally stopped and started healing my ankle simply by changing my mindset and the words I was using! That’s crazy, can you even believe that is possible? I was blown away at how powerful my mind was!

So what are your words doing for you?

Are your words empowering you or disempowering you? Increasing your health or decreasing your health?

The best way that I have found to eliminate disempowering words from my vocabulary is to create a “swear jar” where you have to pay in money every time you say that word. It has to be enough money that it evokes an emotional response, so I recommend $1-$5 for each time you say it. The more money you pay to the swear jar each time you say the word, the quicker you’ll remove that word from your vocabulary. 

And trust me, these words are costing you much more than whatever money you’re putting in the swear jar. The sneaky thing about the words we’re using is that we’re often not aware of the words we’re using. And unfortunately the words and phrases that slip by unnoticed are often the insidious ones. The words that are judging ourselves or others, picking apart situations and destroying our happiness. In order to effectively employ the swear jar technique, you need to ask the people in your lives to hold you accountable. Tell your family, friends and everyone you communicate with to point out when you are saying those words. Trust me, your kids will LOVE pointing out each time you say these words!
If you want to maximize your mindset, then remove the disempowering words you’re using! Here’s a list of the words to remove to maximize your mindset:

  • Words are Powerful
  • Can’t → Can 
  • But → And 
  • I Will Try → I Will 
  • Should → Could
  • I don’t know → Let me think about/look into it
  • I am old → I am blessed to have been around many years