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Are you ready to start living your vision and bringing your wildest dreams into reality?! If you don’t have a vision yet but feel called for more, do you wish that you had an instruction manual that would give you the steps on how to live your best life? You’re in luck, this book is for you! This 12-week, step-by-step workbook teaches you the keys to living an empowered life NOW! These practices take just minutes per day to become an unstoppable force for your personal transformation. This workbook helps you understand how your negative thoughts and past emotional baggage affect your body and what you can do to break self-sabotaging cycles keeping you from living a life you love. It walks you through incorporating self-care and mental health routines that become permanent healthy habits that support your success. You will learn how to create balance so you can achieve your goals while living your life to the fullest. Achieve lasting effects to improve every aspect of your life by learning about the science behind how to train your brain for success. Using Kitty’s expert self-development principles, this workbook teaches you how to harness the power of a morning routine, reflective journaling, and creating goals that increase alignment in your life. This is a self-improvement book that helps you master your mindset and unlock your manifesting abilities to bring your dreams to life! This book costs $24.95 = A$37.26 (AUD) = £20.32 (GBP) = €23.27 (EUR)

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