A Healthy Alternative to Pasta

Spagetti squash is so delicious, you’ll never miss the pasta! Here’s the recipe for this edible masterpiece!

Spagetti Squash Bolognese (2 servings):
– 1 spagetti squash
– 1 lb ground turkey
– 1 lb mushrooms
– 1/2 white/yellow onion
– 1/2 lb spinach (small box)
– 1 jar marinara sauce (I like organic Clasico)
– olive oil
– 3 tablespoons Italian seasoning/basil
– 2 tablespoons chopped garlic
– couple tablespoons parmesan cheese

* Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wash squash, cut off the top & bottom of squash. Cut in half from top to bottom and scrape out seeds. Rub inside with olive oil and roast at 400 for 40 – 60 minutes.
* While squash bakes, wash mushrooms and slice. Dice onions. Peel & chop garlic.
* When squash is 15 minutes from being done, saute onions and ground turkey in large frying pan drizzled with olive oil. Cook on medium high heat until turkey is almost browned.
* Add mushrooms, spinach, marinara sauce, Italian seasoning and garlic. Turn heat to medium low and cover. Let simmer until squash js ready to serve.
* When squash is done, it’ll be golden in color and the skin will be easy to pierce. Remove squash and let sit a few minutes. Use 2 forks to remove spagetti squash “noodles.”
* Plate 1/2 squash on page and add 1/2 sauce. Top with parmesan and ENJOY!