How to set SMARTER goals!

Setting goals literally rewires your brain to make essential parts work more effectively! Our brains have neuroplasticity, which means that goal-setting literally changes the structure of your brain so it’s optimized to achieve that goal. Our brain doesn’t know the difference between what we want and what we have. This means setting a goal is a great way to trick your brain into thinking that your goal is already part of your life, which makes it much easier to start working towards your goal! As an added bonus, setting goals boosts your brain’s serotonin and dopamine levels making you feel better and more confident! Here are some tips on how to set SMARTER goals!

How to set a SMARTER goal! When setting your goal make sure they follow these parameters:

  • SPECIFIC – Good goals are clear, concise and have a specific end result/target.
  • MEASURABLE– What does success look like for this goal? How is it measured so you know when you have achieved it?
  • ACHIEVABLE – The goal or task must be challenging but still possible. Gently pushing the limits encourages improvement and growth.
  • RELEVANT – Does the goal fit with your overall life goals and core values?
  • TIME-BOUND – When will you achieve this goal? 
  • EXCITING – What excites you about this goal? The benefits should be worthwhile to maintain commitment and motivation to the end.
  • REVIEWABLE – Reviewing progress is an important aspect of a goal. A good goal is set up in a way that it can be reviewable periodically to see what is working or not working. If you find your progress isn’t where you want it to be, revisit the goals and revise them as needed.

When setting goals there are a few things that you can do to help you in addition to setting smarter goals.

  • Find an accountability buddy. Having someone that you can discuss your goals with and help hold accountable will create momentum.
  • Journal on your goals as well, ask yourself what are you willing to try to achieve your goals, are you able to step outside of your comfort zone to make a goal happen?
  • Checking in with yourself and others will help you stay on track and get you closer to accomplishing your goals.

If you want support setting and implementing your goals, reach out to Kitty for a complimentary discovery call!