Escape the comparison trap in your relationships!

Let’s talk about real life versus reel on social media. 

Many times what we see on social media is often a curated highlight reel – carefully selected moments and filtered snapshots of people’s lives. The perfect date night with the perfect partner. The perfect day at the beach. 

It’s not reality, it’s more like a magic show, filled with smoke and mirrors. 

Real Life vs. Highlight Reel

Sometimes it can feel like this in our relationships, especially if they’re new. You’re so worried about impressing the other person that you’re only showing them the highlight reel side of you. 

Fear of judgment or rejection keeps you from showing up as the whole authentic version of yourself. This can happen in intimate relationships, friendships, and professional relationships like networking. 

But here’s the catch about the highlight reel – what you see online is just a glimpse, not the whole picture. Behind the scenes, there’s a tapestry of real-life moments, struggles, and challenges. 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of comparison, thinking everyone else has it all figured out while we may feel like we’re stumbling through a maze.

Nobody’s life or relationship is as perfect as what they show on their highlight reel. Whatever you’re experiencing in your life right now is okay, even if it’s not to your preference of what you want. 

Let’s not forget that life is beautifully imperfect, and it’s okay not to have it all together. Embrace your journey, celebrate your victories, and remember that social media is just one chapter, not the entire story.

The Comparison Trap Leads to Self-Judgment Spirals

In a world where it feels like everyone else’s grass is greener, it’s crucial to remember that our perspectives may be playing tricks on us. 

Escape the comparison trap in your relationships! Social media’s curated highlights can distort reality. 

Looking at pictures of the “perfect” relationships. Seeing groups of girlfriends going out together and longing to be in those groups. We all look at pictures of other people on social media and think to ourselves “I wish I had their life” or “I wish I was in a relationship like that.”

Comparing our lives to others can lead to unnecessary self-judgment and jealousy. Social media’s curated highlights can make this struggle even more real.

Many of us are playing a social media induced judgment and comparison game with others, thinking that other people have it better than we do. Wishing we had what they have.

This leads to a negative mindset and judgment spiral that just brings us further away from what we want to create!

We Have Evolved to be Focused on Negativity 

Our brains are wired to magnify the negative, making that 20% seem like 60%. It’s a survival trait from our caveman ancestors who thrived by focusing on potential threats. 

The cavemen that were more focused on the negative aspects were more likely to react strongly to negative stimuli and they lived long enough to pass down their genres. So we’re literally evolutionarily designed to be hyper focused on the negative. 

Rewiring Your Brain to be Positive

The way to short circuit this is to focus on the positive. But we are often so stuck in the same feelings and beliefs it can be hard to switch our mindset! 

Instead of longing for others’ seemingly perfect lives, shift your focus to gratitude. 

A positive mindset makes you MAGNETIC! It attracts amazing people, love, and opportunities into your life.

How do you shift to thinking more positively? You can start by practicing gratitude today,it’s a powerful tool to shift your mindset. Count your blessings, appreciate the little things, and recognize that your life is unique and valuable.

Living authenticity, embracing imperfections in ourselves and our partners, and realizing that behind the smoke and mirrors lies the true, unfiltered magic of life. 

Ready for a positive change in your life? 

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