How are you relating to time?

Is it just me or is time going by REALLY fast these days?!?! I’ve been noticing in the past few years that it seems like time is going by faster and faster. And for the past few months I’ve been doing an interesting experiment in how I relate to time!

If you’re constantly seeing the world as going by too fast and you’re saying “I don’t have enough time” you probably have fast-moving thoughts and a focus time scarcity. This makes it easy to go through your day saying to yourself that you don’t have enough time. And whatever you believe becomes true, so those thoughts actually do speed up time for you!

When I was writing my book I kept telling myself that I didn’t have enough time. I was frantically always trying to get everything done and balancing my coaching business, the book, and the clinic. This reminded me of the first time that I noticed time scarcity in my life.

Time is actually a made-up construct. I had been exposed to the concept a couple of times that you can bend time. YES THAT’S RIGHT, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO ACTUALLY SPEED UP AND SLOW DOWN TIME!!! When you focus on presence in the moment, you slow down time (think about the last time you were waiting for food in the microwave or holding a 1 minute plank – it seems like time has never gone so slow!). When you’re focused on the future, your to-do list, the clock ticking, and anything else besides being present in the moment, you actually speed up time.

So I started to play with time. I noticed that time was going by quickly and I was always saying to myself “I don’t have enough time.” I was living in a place of time scarcity and I noticed that I had been watching a lot of cooking shows like “Chopped” where the contestants were constantly racing against the clock. I reflected a bit and decided that I was going to cut these shows out for a while and see how things went. Unsurprisingly, I immediately noticed that I had a much better relationship with time. It is crazy how what you consume can affect your life so much because all of the tv, ads, music, etc we let into our minds is actually programming us on an unconscious level.

So my recent experiment was back to playing my with experience of time. I practiced being present in the moment. Putting less things on my to do list. Spending even more time in meditation, visualizing, breathwork, and just being (yes sitting and literally doing absolutely nothing – it’s surprisingly difficult). Low and behold my days have felt a lot longer, I feel more accomplished, relaxed, centered in my energy, grounded in my body, business and life! It’s been amazing! Magically I’m working less and getting more done!

It comes down to being intentional! Living your life intentionally is the most amazing gift to improve your overall life quality and satisfaction however it takes multiple little steps to get there.

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