Journey of Live an Empowered Life Now – Part 2

My dream of my book becoming a BESTSELLER on Amazon has come true! I am so proud of this accomplishment, it was definitely a bumpy road to get here. 


How Vision Made This Happen

The first step I took that helped me reach this goal was getting clear on what I wanted. It had always been my dream to write a book and I kept saying to myself “Someday I will write a book!” In September 2022 I felt the nudge to turn someday into “Why not start writing my book today?” Once I decided to write my book I incorporated it into my vision. My vision helped me get crystal clear on exactly what I wanted to accomplish from launching this book. I spent time visualizing what it would be like to have the book completed, what it meant to me, how I wanted to serve others, and what would be included in this book. Thankfully all the resources I needed came to me and it was easy to get started. Like most goals there were some bumps along the way.  Regardless of the speed bumps that came up, I was clear what I wanted which helped me maintain focus and keep working towards creating what I wanted. As soon as I  wrote this book, I knew that it would be an amazing tool to help others achieve their biggest dreams and goals. The more I got into the process, the more excited I got and also the more anxiety came up! What if people didn’t like my book? What were people going to think when I shared my story? What makes me think I’m an authority on the subject enough that people want to listen to me?  All of these self-defeating thoughts came up and instead of resisting them and pushing them down, I just sat with them and let them be. I realized that my subconscious was creating self-defeating thoughts to keep me safe from potentially feeling rejected and judged. Now matter what came up, I stayed focused on my goal of launching this book and having it rise to the rank of best seller!


Believe It Can Happen

Throughout the entire process of writing, designing, and creating the book, I kept having to remind myself that this was really happening. It felt kind of like a fairy tale. I didn’t yet identify myself as an author, so there were elements of this process that just didn’t feel real. it wasn’t until I had the book in my hands that I actually realized, ” Wow I’m an author!”  Even when doubts came up even when we hit the roadblocks I kept doubling down on my belief that this book would be a bestseller and change people’s lives. Even though the book only launched a week and a half ago, I have had multiple people reach out to me to tell me how much this book has impacted their lives and how grateful they am that I wrote it. In the first week it launched, I was impatiently waiting for it to be a bestseller. I ranked #1 New Release in five categories and still and seem to be stuck at number #2 Best Seller in a couple categories. There were a few moments where I questioned whether or not I could make it and to be #1 Best Seller. When those moments came up, I paused and spent a couple minutes visualizing what it would be like to celebrate when I hit #1 Best Seller.  I never let go of my dream and I kept believing it was possible. Even when doubts came up I just doubled down on my belief that I had the power to create what I wanted. 


When Your Dream Comes True

Three days ago my book hit #1 Best Seller and I was so excited. My heart is just bursting with gratitude and love! With the support of my friends, family, and community that helped share the message of my book, I reached my dream and became a bestselling author! I immediately started planning how I was going to celebrate. It’s so important to celebrate your wins and really bask in the glory of everything you created. I popped a fancy bottle of champagne and took the night off to relax and reflect. I also scheduled a happy hour with my best friends to celebrate. I think celebration is one of the often overlooked parts of our goal and it is so easy to forget how important it is to celebrate. 


Never Give Up On Your Vision

No matter what happened, I never gave up on my vision of becoming a best selling author. Even when life threw me curveballs, I stayed committed to what I wanted to create. I am so grateful to have achieved this major life milestone and I hope sharing this story was inspirational for you to go after your dreams too!