Banana Berry Collagen Smoothie

Collagen protein is an easy, delicious way to improve your health and vitality! Collagen is nothing new, but recent studies have shown how incredible it is at supporting your body!
Eating collagen protein eases joint pain, improves digestive health, reverses skin aging, reduces cellulite, builds muscles and burns fat! Sounds like magic, right?!?!
Go get some collagen protein and give this delicious smoothie a try!

Banana Berry Collagen Smoothie
1/2 small banana
1 cup berries (mixed or pick your favorite)
1 big handful spinach or power greens
2 scoops collagen protein ~20 gram (vanilla or unflavored)
1 cup pea milk (has 10 times the protein of almond milk!)
1/2 avocado (optional)
1-2 cups ice
– Add everything to a blender, blend until smooth and ENJOY!