Fighting Muscle Soreness After A Good Workout

A good workout will make your muscles sore! Here are some tips to fight soreness.

Day of workout:

  1. Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated helps circulate lactic acid out of your muscles and prevent soreness.
  2. Heat your muscles later in the day via hot shower, sauna, heat pad or blanket. Heat helps promote blood flow to muscles, which promotes healing and repair.
  3. Eat pineapple or ginger or drink tart cherry juice. These have anti-inflammatory properties that help improve post workout recovery.

Day after workout:

  1. Use sore muscles. Light exercise or stretching of sore muscles helps reduce soreness.
  2. Foam roll or self massage. Both of these loosen tight muscles and improve muscle flow to muscles, which relieves pain.
  3. Ice pack. Putting an ice pack on sore muscles reduces inflammation and numbs sharp pain.