The Power of Pilates

Believe it or not, Pilates was invented by a man, Joseph Pilates, as an exercise for men. It’s only been recent years that this exercise is dominated by women.

The benefits of Pilates are incredible: improved posture, increased energy, muscle building and toning, increased flexibility, weight loss, improved mind-body connection, and strengthens many other muscle groups in addition to strengthening your back and abs.

The purpose of Pilates is to maintain awareness of breath and alignment of the spine while doing deep abdominal and torso strengthening exercises. It’s challenging workout yet so gentle that it is the number one type of exercise used for injury rehabilitation. It’s easily adaptable to any fitness level, low impact, and only partially weight bearing.

Overall, Pilates is one of the most well rounded, excellent exercises! Which is why many present day yoga classes and strength training routines have incorporated Pilates moves!