A Successful Workout Mindset

The right mindset is the most critical element to making an exercise routine work for you! Here are some important steps to getting the right mindset:

1) Set Realistic Expectations: It’s important to set a goal, but start very small. By making a large goal, you make it difficult to achieve. Instead of setting your goal to run a mile everyday, start with a goal to run 15 minutes 3 days per week. Once you hit your goal, increase it to slowly over time.

2) It doesn’t matter what you do … just do something! It doesn’t matter what you do, just get your body moving. You don’t need a gym membership or weight set to get healthy. Walk the dog, or run the stairs in your house for 5 minutes, anything that’s easy and attainable for you. Doing anything is better than doing nothing!

3) Make it fun! Pick an activity that you enjoy doing. If it feels like torture, you’re less likely to do it. Taking a fitness class or joining a sports league or dancing to a zumba DVD, whatever sounds fun to you!

4) Remember why you’re living an active lifestyle: When you’re working out, remind yourself why you’re doing it. Even if working out seems like a chore, adopting a grateful attitude and appreciating your ability to more your body will make every workout more enjoyable.

5) Get an accountability partner and schedule your workouts: Both of these tips help you get in the mindset of working out and inspire you to keep going. Scheduling your exercise around an existing habit is great trigger to also get you into the exercise mindset, so try to schedule at the same time so that exercise becomes second nature.