Choose On Purpose Podcast with Becky Plautz

Join me on the latest “Choose On Purpose Podcast with Becky Plautz” episode for a journey from daydreamer to visionary! I share how I went from a challenging past into a purposeful and successful life. We dive into intention, dreaming, and action as I share how I conquered mindset hurdles to achieve extraordinary milestones.

In this episode, I talk all about the power of having a crystal-clear vision. Think of it as your personal growth GPS, guiding you through decisions and helping you build positive habits. I also share the pitfalls that make crafting a vision challenging, from societal conditioning to the fear of imperfection. I share insights on upgrading your identity, shedding baggage, and embracing the messy beauty of the visioning process.

Tune in now to learn more about my story. If you are looking for support in achieving your goals and dreams join my Empowered Living Membership. ELM is a vibrant community where we turn visions into reality using neuroscience-based process. Imagine having your own crew cheering you on as you become a manifesting machine! This membership is all about accountability, support, and growth – the perfect ingredients to reach your full potential.


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