Getting Organized Improves Your Mental, Physical, and Emotional Health!

Clutter in your house actually causes clutter in your brain and has a huge negative effect on the subconscious mind. Even if the clutter is hidden in a closet or in the garage, it’s still present in your subconscious mind and causes stress. As your clutter piles up so does your list of to-do’s which may be contributing to your overall stress.

Check out the list below for more facts about how clutter can affect you:

  1. Clutter can cause stress and increased cortisol levels.
  2. It is a distraction from focus. Clutter is extremely distracting and causes our brains to switch into multitasking mode. Having a lot of clutter will increase the amount of time it takes to complete tasks and will make it much harder for you to focus on tasks. 
  3. Clutter can be energy draining. If you want to feel inspired and have more energy a clean and tidy space will help you feel energized. 

Take some time to clear out your space and declutter. You’ll feel amazing afterwards and will continue to reap the benefits from a clean space. Cleaning and organizing your space will significantly decrease stress, you’ll sleep better and will make you feel more calm immediately. So go clean out a closet, drawer or desk right now for an instant feeling of relief and accomplishment!