Dogs Improve Our Health!

We get so much love and support from dogs! They make the world a better place and teach us the meaning of unconditional love! Today is “Make a Dog’s Day Day” which encourages people to adopt pets from a shelter. If you have been thinking about getting a dog, today is the best day to do it! And if you already have a dog, today is a day to do something special for them to show them extra love!

Here are some benefits we get from dogs:

    • Endorphins from petting: petting can boost serotonin, and other “feel-good” hormones to help boost your mood. 
    • Unconditional love: Dogs can be there for you even when other people can’t. They love you no matter what type of day you’re having.
    • Dogs are good for your heart. There are studies published between 1950-2019 that found dog owners have a lower blood pressure and healthier hearts.
    • Dogs can help improve brain health and cognitive function of those with mental illness. 
    • Service dogs, therapy dogs and emotional support dogs help people with all kinds of disabilities or conditions by performing functional tasks or providing support and companionship.

This is the 3rd annual “Make a Dog’s Day Day” which was invented by Subaru to do something special for the animals that are always there for us. So go to a local shelter and adopt a dog today! Or if you already have a dog, spoil them with something special today!