Holiday Mindfulness Tips

The holidays are full of joy but they can also be stressful. Here are some techniques to help make your holiday more joyful!

1) Take a walk. Pay close attention to the sounds, sights and smells. Really appreciate the scenery around you. Walking is an excellent way to decrease stress and boost your mood!

2) Take 3-5 minutes to meditate. Meditation is a great way to center yourself. It’s easy – simply find a quiet place to sit for a few minutes. Focus on your breathing, deep calming breaths that fill your lungs. If your mind wanders (which is natural), gently come back to focusing on your breath. The goal is to be present in the moment.

3) Be kind to yourself. Take a bath or a nap. Call a friend. Go to the movies or play a game. Anything to reminds you of the joy this holiday season is filled with!