National Fruit and Veggies Month!

Fruits and veggies are amazing for our health! They help our brains and bodies function optimally. What’s even better is they’re a natural source of energy that increases our performance, focus, concentration, and productivity! It is recommended that everyone eat 5-8 servings of fruits and veggies every day! Sometimes it is hard to consume all of the fruits and veggies that our bodies need each day. Check out our creative tips for getting those servings! 

Here are 8 Tips to Increase Your Fruits and Veggies:

  1. Start with the first meal of the day! Eating fruit for breakfast is an easy way to get in a few servings of healthy foods right away. Plan on eating a serving or two of fruit first thing in the morning.
  2. Snack on fruits or veggies for extra energy! Did you know that carbohydrates in fruit and veggies are sources of fuel. Combine these with some protein like cheese, yogurt, or peanut butter for an extra boost.
  3. Use fruit and veggies as ingredients. Some different recipes that you can create with veggies are chili, cauliflower pizza crust.
  4. Get creative! Try a new fruit or veggie recipe each week. Meal plan and think ahead of time of something new that you could try.
  5. Smoothies are a great way to consume more fruits and veggies. Combine blueberries, spinach, bananas, and some greek yogurt for a delicious and nutritious drink. 
  6. When making your dinner plate double up on your veggie serving. 
  7. One of my favorite things to do is turn vegetables into noodles! Zucchini noodles are delicious with some pasta sauce on top.
  8. Prep meals ahead of time so you have a plan to consume more veggies. Make a list of meals for the week that have both fruits and veggies so you can make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need.

If you would like more support in finding ways to add fruits & veggies to your diet to increase your performance and productivity, consider private coaching with Kitty! I can help you create custom action plans to help you implement healthy habits that are tailored specifically to your needs. Learn more about private coaching here!