Walking Meditation

Quick How to Guide for Walking Meditation

Most people think that meditation means sitting quietly, but meditation can also be an active process! My favorite type of meditation is WALKING MEDITATION! Walking meditations help you slow down and really enjoy the beauty that constantly surrounds us! This is especially great because it helps you squeeze mindfulness and movement into your busy schedule at one time!

The process is quick, simple and easy, try out this 10 minute walking meditation:
1. Ground yourself – Walk slowly and connect to feelings of your legs and your feet on the ground. Feel the sensation of your heel as it touches the ground, the base and arch of your foot, and finally the toes. Notice what it feels like to lift your foot and the muscles in your legs. Focusing on these sensations grounds you and helps you be present in your body at this moment.

2. Gratitude – Remember that walking is a luxury that not everyone has. Take a moment to show appreciation for your legs and feet and feel gratitude for the ability to walk. Thank your legs for the daily service to get you to where you want to go!

3. As you walk, pay attention to your senses, one at a time:
(1) the feeling of your body walking, the feeling of your breath going in and out of your lungs, the feeling of wind and temperature on your skin
(3) any smells in the air or plants around you
(4) the taste of the air or anything in your mouth
(5) what you can hear
(6) what you can see

4. Focus on all of your senses at once and pause to thank your amazing body. Remember to smile and be grateful for the time you took for yourself today!