World Thank You Note Day!

Today is World Thank You Note Day! Writing a thank you note is a great way to share with others how much you appreciate them!! Writing thank you notes is a fun way to express your gratitude in a meaningful way that makes you both feel great!

 In a world of texts and emails, writing handwritten thank you notes is a lost art form.

When I was growing up, my mother insisted I wrote thank you notes for everything I received. As a child it seemed laborious activity and as I grew older I could see the real value in it. Someone went to the effort to think about me and what I might enjoy, then they took the effort to send it to me. The least I could do was express my appreciation for it! I also had an experience once that solidified how important this simple act can be. I went to a wedding and gave a generous wedding gift … for which I never received a thank you note. I was both worried they had not received it and slightly offended that they never took the time to write me a note.

I also got to see how much joy it brought people to receive the thank you notes. My friends and family would often bring it up when we next spoke how much they appreciated my card. Fast forward to the technological age of today, this personal touch makes you really stand out as someone who cares. The best part is that it only takes 5-10 minutes to write a thank you and the impact it has is well worth the effort!

Here is a new twist on thank you notes that I would encourage you to do: instead of thanking people for their presents, thank them for their presence in your life!

For everyone who has had an impact on your life or supported you in a meaningful way, write them a thank you note! Really pour your heart into it as you write. Tell them how much they mean to you. Talk about the things you admire in them or why you love them. Share with them the impact they have had on you and the lessons they have taught you. Imagine how much the people in your life would feel appreciated and loved. And I promise that this will deepen your relationships with the important people in your life!

Although this might sound overwhelming at first, this can be such an easy thing to do! If you wrote one of these thank you notes each week, starting with the most important people, you would be able to share your gratitude with everyone in your life in a few months. I recommend starting your week out with this simple exercise because it will help you focus on gratitude throughout the week. Happy writing!